My Weird Dream

“My Weird Dream”

It was a Friday, my mom and my sister went out-of-town while Tariauna, Jhamari, Quan, Shardae and I were playing outside when Jhamari heard a dog bark he asked: “What kind of dog is that?” I told him that it was a wiener dog Jhamari being mannish like always started mocking the word repeatedly I told him to stop before I pop him in his mouth. All of a sudden, a little boy came to the fence and asked, “Do you wanna play?” As we were backing up Jhamari said, “We can’t cause, I can’t climb the fence.” the little boy says “I can.” Once the little boy started to climb the fence. As soon as he started I called Quan, Tariauna, and Shardae over. When we saw his hands peek through the fence we all ran in one by one terrified.

Tariauna slammed the door, and locked it, and she shut all the curtains. Her mom asked what was she doing and as she stuttered she said, “The the the ba ba ba boy and the the the fah fa fah fence.” My dad yelled in a concerned voice “WHAT BOY AND WHAT FENCE!?” After that he told my brother Tone to go look outside, and he called Jason. Tone said he did not see anything and 3 seconds later Jason was at the door my dad asked him “Do you got it?” Jason said yeah I got it so what’s the problem. Next thing we know someone was at the door my dad told all the kids to go next to my sister Tara and stay quiet. Jason asked “Who is it?” it was the people who lived behind us and they said their son just wanted to play with y’all kids, Jason responded “My kids don’t wanna play with yours!” After he said that we heard the people yelling “CHARLIE COME BACK HERE!” he runs to the window where we were sitting next to saying “Come on let’s play.” After 10 seconds of scary silence we heard a gunshot and then we heard it again he said “Come shoot some birds with me.” He shot again stating that he had 2 more bullets left he shot another one then he stopped. Having again weird silence then we heard…….BANG he had shot through the window grabbing hold of my neck leaving me no air to breathe. Struggling to get loose Jason could not shoot his hand cause it was a hard aim I had a little air left my nephew putting his biting habits to use so he bit Charlie’s hand. When I got loose I had to catch my breath then I suddenly I started to get light-headed and then suddenly I was seeing all black….

When I woke up from a daze it seemed like I was sleeping for hours I was lying in a hospital bed with a needle in my arm which was taking my blood. I couldn’t feel it when I was sleep but when I was up for a while it started to hurt really badly. I started screaming and tossing around in the bed and when they took the needle out of my arm it was huge seeing all that blood I instantly fainted again. This time I woke up strapped to a bed with a bright light in my face and two nurses with their blue mouth shields on. They looked up to no good but when they took their shields off I couldn’t believe it was Charlie’s parents. Screaming my lungs out they covered my mouth and nose with a cloth and that was the end of me ever seeing the daylight.

Knowing that I was no longer alive I still could hear sadness of my sisters wishing that I could have one more chance. But I knew that I was out of chances I could see my body lying there so innocent. Doctors doing everything they could just to bring me back but they were just wasting their time. Knowing that they almost lost me once and now they lost me completely but I was not giving up. I prayed and prayed and then I saw a glowing butterfly it landed on my shoulder and touched my cheek with its wings. Suddenly I felt pushing on my belly then I knew I was given that chance my sisters and my niece ran to me smothering me in hugs. Then that’s when I knew my dream was over.


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