My Life

So far my day has been going good but it has only been two hours. Most of the time I do my homework and then switch to writing my journals. I am very good right now I am in a whole relationship we go on and then off. my best friend Kayla set me and him together she said we always act like a married couple but I can’t argue with her because we do. But off that topic, the scariest ting happened yesterday with my niece.  So she was in the bathroom and she was sliding her feet on the floor and fell backward and hit her head on the wall so she was unconscious for like 3 minutes and I had to call her 20 times then she jerked her body and she woke up and her eyes were white you could not see the black dot in her eye then she started crying then we had to take her to the hospital she had to get surgery cause the back of her head was busted and she broke her arm .

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