Was the decision justified?

The drop of  the bomb caused many deaths, It was unnecessary but some reason helpful, effectively destructive, and opinionated.Image result for dropping of the atomic bomb

      The drop was unnecessary because the Japanese were already defeated ready to surrender. But on the other hand it was kinda helpful because it stopped fire rapids, the strangling blockade, and put an end to thee Japanese war.

The bomb drop was destructive because the city was no longer a city it was a burned-over prairie. Homes were destroyed, the heat was intense to endure, the bomb destroyed families because many were separated.

The dropping of the bomb was opinionated because people said it will end the war but it didn’t all it did was kill people and started more conflict. The bomb was as said sent to end the war but apparently it didn’t it started.

I don’t think the decision was justified because the maker of the bomb recommended that the bomb be used against enemies and really his decision was being rushed. The bomb was really unnecessary to be used. The decision that was made I think was unfair.


So what do you think was the decision justified?